• 8W,800LM~1100LM

    Smart Integrated Solar LED Light

    All-in-one Compact Elegant Design

  • Components

    - 25WP High efficient monocrystalline solar panel (Built-into the Fixture),efficiency>17%;
    - 64WH LiFePO4 battery (Built-into the Fixture);
    - 8W LED Lamp(Built-into the Fixture),more than 120LM/W,Bridgelux Chip;
    - MPPT controller (Built-into the Fixture);
    - PIR motion sensor (Built-into the Fixture/Box);
    - Bracket & screws (For Mounting)
  • Key Features

    - All-in-one integrated compact design;
    - No wires or cables needed;
    - Easy & fast installation,No trained staff needed;
    - Rust-proof, Dust-proof and Water-proof;
    - Green light,No pollution,No attracting Insects;
    - 100% solar powered,no running and maintenance cost;
    - Portable design,can be installed anywhere needed;
    - Intelligent system,extending life time.
    - Auto turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn;
    - Solar panel direction adjustable.
  • Installation Recommendation

    Suggested Pole Diameter: 50mm~80mm
    Suggested Mounting Height: 2.5m~5m
    Suggested Mounting Space Between Lights: 8m~15m
  • Six working mode choices

    ON: No matter day or night, light "on" when people,close, light "off" after people left.
    OFF: Light "off",No matter day or night.
    L: At night,30% light when stand by;100% light when people close.In daytime, light "off".
    M: At night, light "on" when people close, light "off" when people left. In daytime, light "off".
    T: At night,80% light for 1st 2hrs,60% for another 2hours, then turn off.
    U: At night,80% light for 1st 2hrs,60% for another 2hours, then turn to motion sensor mode, light "on" when people close, light "off" after people left.
  • Life Time

    - Solar Panel: 25 Years;
    - LEDs: 50,000Hrs;
    - Li-Fe Battery: 2,000 cycles;

    It means that with one installation,you can get at least 5 years free lighting.Every year,one HT-SA-2008 equals to about 100 Lbs co2 exhaust cut ,1 Trees planted ,0.1 car off the road,10G gasoline not used,$15 of electricity saved.
  • Applications

    As all-in-one integrated solar garden light requires no wiring and 100% powered by sun ,it is widely used in places wherever there is sufficient sunlight,especially for those places where wiring is not enocomic or practicable.Such as,Parking lot lighting, Gate / entrance lighting, Perimeter security lighting, Pathway lighting, County yard / Garden lighting, City greenway lighting, New rural construction lighting, Mountainous area lighting, Pedestrian walkways lighting, Personal villa / residential lighting, Public park / plaza lighting, Campus lane lighting, Farm & ranch lighting, Wildlife area lighting, Dock / pier lighting...

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